18 January, 2017

Day in the Life

I'm participating again in Julia's Day in the Life roundup. This one will be long, but there are pictures. :)

Tuesday, 17 January

Matt and Leann are 38
Miles is 6
Lily is 4
Clara is 15 months
We have been in England for about 5 months.

1:06-2:10 Clara wakes up. She's really inconsistent with sleep lately. Maybe because she's cut 7 teeth in the past 3 months. She's restless, but finally gets back to sleep.

4:15-4:45 Clara is awake again. Nurse her back to sleep, and thankfully it's quick this time.

6am My alarm goes off. Slowly get out of bed. It's foggy and damp out.

6:02 Day in the life reminder alarm goes off.
I get in the shower, brush teeth, and do my makeup.

6:35 Lily comes into the bathroom. Matt comes in to say goodbye and leaves for work.
I get dressed, excited to wear the new leggings I got in the mail yesterday.

6:50 Lily and I wake Miles up. The kids do potty breaks, brush their teeth and take vitamins.

While urging Miles to get dressed, I go wake Clara up. She's pretty sleepy, but manages to be in a decent mood. I get her dressed and head back into the big kids' room where Miles is slowly finishing dressing himself.

7:24 All kids are finally dressed. We go downstairs for breakfast. Since we're running behind, I grab cereal for Lily and myself, and peanut butter toast for Miles. Clara share my cereal. Matt calls to discuss potential holiday plans.
Mike's was feeling a little unwell yesterday. He says his belly is still squishy, and he wants to stay home from school. He has no temp, and besides being a little (lot) slow, he's okay. No deal, kid.

7:50 My "leave the house" alarm goes off. Snooze for 10 minutes. I do the kids' hair, get jackets and shoes, and we get out the door after the alarm goes off again.

8:04 We start walking, and the straps on the buggy board fall off. I try to get them back, but they're wonky. Lily won't get back on anyway, so we try to walk quickly. Miles is tired, but does pretty well keeping up so we're not late. I may or may not have used my "mom voice" several times.

8:28 We get to the school. The kids have a few minutes to play before the bell rings.

8:40 I take Lily to the nursery class, and she's not wanting me to leave today. She whines a bit, but goes with the teacher pretty easily. Clara and I head home.

9:01 We arrive at home, and I throw a load of laundry in the washer, grab a cup of coffee, and work on this post.


9:40 I take 5 minutes to straighten up the living room and get Clara a snack. She gets crumbs everywhere.

Good enough

9:52 Clara and I put our jackets back on to head to a play group about 2 minutes away. I just carry her since it's so close.

11:30 Play group is over. We stop by the post office and grab lunch to go from our favorite sandwich shop.

11:49 We get home. I unload the washer and set up lunch in living room.
I have a cheeseburger, Clara has mushy peas. She demands a piece of cheese as well.

12:27 I take away Clara's food since it's squished all over the table and floor. Change her diaper. I open the Duolingo app and do 2 lessons of French. I do not do very well with it today, and don't retain any of it.

12:46 I set up an episode of Orange is the New Black (season 3, I'm behind) and nurse Clara. Fortunately for me, she falls asleep, and I let her nap on me while I watch TV.

2:12 Clara wakes up, a little crabby. I give her the rest of her mushy peas.

2:40 Clara plays with her toy phone and laughs at me dancing around. I text my sister, and send a list of things for Matt to pick up on his way home from work.

2:50 My reminder to pick up the big kids from school goes off.  Clara and I get our jackets on, and we leave the house by 3.

3:24 We arrive at the school, and I talk to other moms.

3:30 I get Lily from nursery, and Miles is released from his class. I talk some more while the kids run around. I don't feel particularly motivated to get home quickly today.

3:45 We finally leave the school, and slowly make our way home. I let the kids play Pokemon in the park for a bit.

4:35 We get home, and I get the kids settled.
Lily yells to Clara, "If you don't stop hitting me, I'll call the social worker!" Where does she come up with these things?

4:48 I don't feel like cooking, so I sit down with Miles for homework time. He does reading and writing.

5:20 Matt gets home from work. I ask if we can get food delivered.
Lily puts on her new Elsa dress.

6:00 We finally get our take out order figured out, and the website says it'll take 45-60 minutes to be delivered. Matt goes to get fish and chips. Meanwhile Clara decides that she wants to cry, and nothing will help.
I let her climb the stairs, and she's content. I go ahead and put her jammies on.

6:15 Elsa wants to put on makeup. I let her loose with her makeup kit. Miles has finished his homework, and joins us in the bathroom. Clara is crying again because I won't let her go down the stairs, but she calms down after a few minutes.

6:30 I tell Lily that it's time to put metro away. Throws fit.

6:32 Matt gets home with did while Lily is yelling. He goes up to talk to her while I get the food on the table. I open a cider for myself.

6:37 Clara goes crazy wanting food. She's crying, "Hot hot hot!" while I open everything.

6:39 Matt has helped Lily calm down, we sit down to eat. Miles tells us what he's been learning at school about dinosaurs.

7:13 We're about done eating. I take kids upstairs while Matt makes coffee for tomorrow. I forget to take any more pictures from here on.

7:43 Everyone has jammies on, and our teeth are brushed. Matt reads bedtime stories to the big kids while I nurse Clara.

8:07 I put Clara in her bed, then play on my phone and talk to Matt.

8:34 I can't keep eyes open anymore. I swear I normally don't go to bed this early, but I'm exhausted. I plug in my phone and go to bed.


  1. Leann, I love you. You are the best mom, the strongest person. The way you just keep going all day no matter what comes at you. You are an amazing woman.